The definition of a successful life is one where you are happy with the outcomes you’re achieving – financially, personally, and professionally. The difference between a successful life and an unsuccessful one, is often a small line.

Do you consider the obstacles that come into your path as roadblocks or as opportunities? Even in this time of crisis, where financial setbacks make some people lose hope, you can choose another way.

Keep reading to find out how.

The Will to Win

Winning in life is a lot like winning in professional sports; the difference between a great player and a mediocre one is not their talent alone, and sometimes not even work ethic. The key is their will to win – the vision that they focus on every single day when they put effort into achieving their goals.

A Winner’s Mindset: Find Your Opportunities

Yes, times are tough. In times of crisis, we are all faced with what may seem like setbacks and challenges. But are you actually open to the opportunities that are available to you?

Whether you view something as a setback, or a challenge will determine if you are open to the opportunity that is available to you. The distinction that lets you see these “setbacks” as opportunities is a winner’s mindset:

 Opportunities to grow.

 Opportunities to learn.

 Opportunities to build.

 Opportunities to innovate.

As an advisor to many people over the years, I’ve seen the distinct differences that people with a winner’s mindset have. One of the most obvious, is that winners see opportunities – and are quicker to change course when something blocks their path.

 How to Develop a Winner’s Mindset

People with a winner’s mindset have a long-term view of the game. They look at something like this crisis and immediately ask how they can chart a new course:

  • It’s not a matter of being born with it.  I’ve helped many people develop a winner’s mindset by reevaluating their circumstances to get themselves out of negative loops of hopelessness when setbacks occur.
  • It’s a muscle that will grow stronger over time. Muscles often need stress and exercise in order to become stronger. The current world we live is ripe with opportunities to flex your winner’s mindset and create a stronger ability to deal with the reality of circumstances – and push ahead towards your dreams. A winner’s mindset can be cultivated with practice and guidance.
  • Develop a strategy. While having a winner’s mindset doesn’t mean there won’t be complications, barriers, or difficulties while achieving your goals, it means that despite those hurdles you’ve developed a strategy to move forward. A strategic plan takes into account the variables of life – and has contingencies that still allow you to soldier on towards the life you’re building for yourself.

Build a Strong Team

We are all given a choice to aspire to a life of financial freedom, and to put in the mindset work to stay on that path, no matter what happens. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.

Just like in professional sports, you’ll often find that a team is stronger than the sum of its parts. Building your financial dream team is easy – and I’m prepared to guide you in optimizing all the opportunities we currently have in front of us, and in finding a way to win amidst this crisis and any future ones.