Break the Myth of Balance. Master Your Life Again.

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If you’re anything like me, 
you’re used to using your 
High-Performance Life as a bandaid 
to feel better about yourself.

An easy thing to point to when you 
feel like crap, and say

“hey, but look at all the THINGS I DO!”

I’m going to tell you right now, 
you’re done hiding behind that.

Your desire to always learn and grow
makes you capable of so much more.

The key to the “balance” you’re looking.
the deep sense of satisfaction and
completion at the end of the day…

is in your willingness to GET REAL.

To face your fears. To feed yourself a 
consistent diet of self-awareness and accountability. 
And detox from all the self-inflicted judgment.

So that the nagging blame


“could be doing better”



“should be doing better”

has no microphone in your mind anymore.

I want to help you celebrate the wins, to feel the daily victories even deeper. 
To fully embrace all aspects of your incredibly full, blessed, and rewarding life. 
And take you from merely managing your High Performance Life 
to mindfully mastering it.

Let’s get started.


Build Your Foundation For A Life of Freedom

As High-Performers and Go-Getters, we’re always looking for the next solution to our problems, the next plan of attack. Ways to get more accomplished in a day,  run a successful entity better, be with the people we love more.

Especially in the moments of CHALLENGE, we know we need to have a “plan” to manage it all.

I want the L.I.F.E. Model to be that plan for you. A simple breakdown and method, to help you move out of overwhelm and into accomplishment and satisfaction. A repeatable process to finally build a stable foundation of sustainable freedom.

And a reliable plan to take you from feeling like you’re barely managing life to mindfully mastering it.

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Explore the 4 Key Components of

the L.I.F.E. Model

Built from my personal Life Optimization Strategies as a
High Performer, the L.I.F.E. Model is an acronym

comprising the 4 Quadrants of an imperfect yet impactful life:

Love. Impact. Faith. Energy.


The Who’s

Who is important to you &
Who are you becoming?


The What’s

What am I doing everyday &
What am I giving to the world?
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The Why’s

Why am I here & Why should I be motivated by anything bigger than myself?


The How’s

How am I managing my health &
How can I lessen my mental load?

The Model breaks down each quadrant by examining it through
the simple yet profound lens of Who What Why How.

By learning to live in the moment and make mindful decisions about our priorities everyday, we can drop the Myth of “Balance” and begin to feel the relief and power of living a life of true FREEDOM.

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”Any life worth living is always unbalanced.

Once we accept that, we can finally let go of the idea we have to hold everything perfectly all the time. We feel the freedom to pause instead, to separate.

We can learn how to recalibrate our priorities monthly, weekly, daily even, to relieve the pressure that’s weighing us down most. The key to that relief? It’s learning to master an unbalanced life.”

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Bring the L.I.F.E. Model
to Your Audience

Bring your podcast, event, or online audience fresh ideas and a tactical approach to drop the Myth of Balance, move out of overwhelm, and finally feel the satisfaction of mindfully mastering their imperfect life.

L.I.F.E. Model Topics Include:
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Greg Witz

Scott is the definition of "High Performance" in life and business!! Scott's show digs deep into what it takes to have high performance life with amazing guests sharing all the tools needed.

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Bring the L.I.F.E. Model
to Your Team

Support the growth and evolution of your team through changes in your business with Scotts’ coaching and the L.I.F.E. Model.

Scott’s guidance can support:
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Once I stepped into Freedom Street, growth naturally came because I could focus on what I was good at.

One Shift Could Change Your Life.

We’ve seen it happen before. In our personal lives or professional ones. 
How one small step opened up more doors than we could have ever imagined. 
You never know what is waiting for you on the other side of “good enough”. 
You never know what good can come from making one small change, 
or making that tiny bit more effort.

You could be one small step away from greatness.
In fact you’re likely one small step away from greatness. 

I know the L.I.F.E. Model can help you get there.

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Scott danner

"One tiny thing could be drastically different,
and it could completely change your life."

Not Sure Where to Start?

Get A Custom L.I.F.E. Plan

& See Which Area of Your Life Will Bring You the Most Relief Now.

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Scott is the definition of "High Performance" in life and business!!

Scott’s show digs deep into what it takes to have high performance life with amazing guests sharing all the tools needed.

Greg Witz

Learning together has been so powerful.

The HPL Podcast is a wide ranging conversation about things that I didn’t expect but when we take apart this notion of LIFE, as love, impact, faith and energy, it’s well worth your time!

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Tim Pychyl

I just finished my interview with Scott and let me tell you,

this guy lives and breathes high performance. So if you think that you’ve got another level in your life, and this is the year that you’re going to do it, check out the High Performance Life.

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Evan Carmichael

I was so happy to be a guest on the High Performance Life podcast with my man Scott,

because it’s so important to learn how to love those around you to make sure that you’re maximizing your unique talents to give impact to the world and to have faith while you’re doing it and make sure you show up with energy. L.I.F.E, you got to have that all of that.

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Andrew Thorpe King

I gotta tell you, you have got to check out this podcast.

Scott is interviewing some amazing individuals and sharing information that’s going to absolutely positively improve all aspects of our life, our family, our mindset, our kids, and our legacy.

Larry Hagner