Rising Tide Startups Podcast

Do you know what does it mean to live on your own terms? Are you following your own path, or are you doing things the way others want you to? These are all topics covered in today’s podcast, with Kevin from Rising Tide Startups Podcast. We were also able to talk about life, business, entrepreneurship, and my book Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor

“What does freedom mean to you?”
What does it mean to live on your own terms”

What does it mean to live on your owns terms?

These questions helped shape me into the person I am today and reflect my journey to where I am now. In this episode, Kevin and I talk about how I realized that becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business was my own version of freedom. What does living on your own terms really mean? What does freedom really mean? For each person, this answer will be different. In this podcast, I share a story about how something that, at the time, I saw as a failure, really allowed me to look at things from a different perspective. One door closed, and in return, another door was opened in my life.

Everything I talk about on my website, and on these podcasts is really to help anyone who may feel lost. If you are looking for other resources to help you figure out what life on your own terms looks like for you, I encourage you to check out “The Four Quadrants” HERE. I have created a video about staying organized and how I use “The Four Quadrants” on my YouTube channel. I hope that you will give it a watch and find a way to implement it in your life!