Jeff Lerner: Unlock Your Potential

“You have to think of the who’s and not the how’s”

Happiness is a formula as simple as it is elusive, find your purpose and live it out. Sadly, few ever do. In today’s podcast, I joined Jeff Lerner from Unlock Your Potential. Jeff’s mission is to help people unlock their full potential by challenging assumptions, overcoming fears, and discovering what they were born to do. I had a great time talking with Jeff about life, mentorship, my book Freedom Street, and much more!

“Are you in the environment where people can actually teach you something?”

“Are you learning from someone, who are the people you are following?”

All these are things that I have learned throughout my life from various mentors. In the Unlock Your Potential Podcast, Jeff and I talk a lot about mentors and what you can give back to the world. Are you putting yourself in the best position to succeed? Or… are you just trying to take everything you can to get ahead? They may seem similar but they are extremely different. Sometimes you just need the right person to help take you to the next level. I always say, “Its the who’s, not the how’s” that will get you to the next level. James and I talk more about how being coachable and having mentors positively impacted our lives. This episode gives you a glimpse of how you can stop viewing the world as an ROI, and start sharing your natural gifts with the world.

Unlock Your Potential

Jeff and I’s conversation in this episode can help anyone who is struggling to unlock their potential. If you are looking for some help along the way, I encourage you to check our resources page. There you can find the exact “Four Quadrants” sheet that I use to help me in my life. I also encourage you to check out my YouTube channel, there are many videos there that cover this exact topic.