In today’s episode, I join Tage Counts on his Tage Talks Business Podcast. Tage Counts has a large background in marketing, working for the Hampton Roads chamber, and has now moved on to work for the city of Norfolk, Virginia in business development. He interviews business leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit executives from throughout the 757 on a variety of industry topics. Tage and I touch on many topics including Following your passion, business development, serving the community, and much more!

When Your Gift and Passion Don’t Align

In business, it’s wise to focus on both what you’re passionate about and what you’re great at. For example, you might love baseball, but you can’t hit a ball… Hitting a baseball isn’t what you’re great at, but maybe you’re a great photographer or videographer. Combine that love for baseball with your gift of content creation in your career or your own business. In my experience, I loved helping people, which is why my original career path was working in criminal justice. But I combined my passion for helping people with my gift to create something that was truly bigger than myself.

Focus On The Depth… Not The Width Of Your Relationships

When starting in business, a lot of beginners want to build as many relationships as possible. They want as many connections as possible. They create a wide net of connections, but how many of those connections do they actually know? Focus on the depth of your relationships, not the overall width. Something I say all the time is, “one plus one equals two, but the right ones can equal ten times”. If you focus on building a real relationship and giving, instead of just taking what you can from a relationship, your business can see that “ten times” result.


The experiences Tage and I talk about in this episode can help any business owner or entrepreneur. If you are interested in hearing more about this topic, I encourage you to check out my book: Freedom Street. My YouTube channel is also another great resource, it has many videos about life and business, and how you can balance the two. If you are a new business owner or an entrepreneur and you’re interested in learning about business and relationships click HERE to get in touch.