Two Is Better Than One

Building a relationship is more beneficial than building a transaction. If you want to make a massive shift in your relationships, start by building trust. Trust is the foundation that solidifies every relationship. Without trust, the bond between two individuals would become fragile and broken. Trust is essential for every relationship to succeed, regardless of the kind of relationship you are in – because all success is based upon the ability to create nurture, and sustain healthy relationships. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Patty Ann Tublin on the Trust Doctor to discuss the importance of relationships.

Patty Ann holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, two master’s degrees, and has authored two Amazon best-selling books. She is a thought leader and world-renowned expert in business relationship coaching, personal empowerment coaching, romantic relationship coaching, and women empowerment coaching. Patty takes pride in her three decades of marriage, she and her husband raised four wonderful children together.

Relationships Matter!

One thing that I have learned throughout my life, both personally and professionally, is that relationships matter. They have the ability to impact the lives of others, businesses, and so much more. But don’t put your focus on the quantity of relationships that you have. Put all of the focus on the quality of relationships. When it comes to building great relationships, the depth of them is so much more important than the width. Truly focusing on the other person makes a HUGE difference. Once you do this, you start to see a big difference in the impact you can create.


I hope that you can gain value from Patty and I’s discussion, and hope that you can use some of these concepts to benefit your life! If you are looking to learn more about being a high performer or how you can network, I highly recommend you visit my YouTube channel. New content is constantly being shared to help guide you on your journey! I also encourage check out some of the other podcasts I have been featured on! Many of them also discuss the importance of great relationships!