Slow Down Man Podcast

“It’s almost like I was running with my head cut off”

If you are like me… then you are a sprinter. You tackle everything you face head-on and in a sprint. Sometimes you need to surround yourself with people who will fill in those blind spots. As a financial advisor, sometimes you need someone who can tell you “Slow Down, Man!”. Throughout the years, I have learned that this is the case for most financial advisors.

In today’s episode, I joined Mitch Lagadin on his “Slow Down, Man” podcast. We got to have some great discussions about being a financial advisor, and my book Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor

We talked about having the ability to slow down in life and appreciate the moments as they happen. As a business owner, I would sometimes struggle to put all my energy in the right places. One night helped me see things a little bit differently. In my book, I mention a story called, “Good Friend, Good Bourbon, and an Epiphany”, and I realized where we spend our time is really where we give our love.

As a financial advisor, where we spend our time, is really where we give all of our love

“This is the case for most financial advisors”

If you are a sprinter, you might relate to spending a lot of your time in the wrong places. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the weeds. But if you just take a minute to slow down, you could start giving your love to the right places.

Everything Mitch and I talk about in this episode is really to help anyone who may feel unsure about their next chapter in life. If you are looking for other resources to help you figure out how you can slow down and enjoy life, I encourage you to check our resources page HERE. If you enjoy this kind of message, you should check out my YouTube channel, we have many videos there that have a similar message.