Mr. New Dad

In today’s episode, I was able to join John Wayne Mullins of the Mr. New Dad Podcast. His show is a fantastic radio/podcast show about the journey to becoming a new dad. John and I had great conversations about family, my journey as a dad, financial freedom, and having the proper mindset. We also got to briefly discuss my Amazon number one bestseller Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor

What Is The Financial Freedom Mindset?

The financial freedom mindset is actually identifying what freedom means to you. But, don’t just identify what it means, create a vivid plan on how to get there. What specifically will you do to reach that goal. Cameron Herold has a book “Vivid Vision” and he talks about creating a three year plan. As a new parent you should use that framework for how will you reach financial freedom and ultimatley how you will support your new family.

When Should You Seek Help?

Fun fact: Most people life have a coach of some sort. Whenever you want to be better, bring in a coach who has knowledge in that field. Even if you have no experience with financial advisors (for this example), don’t let the unknown keep you from seeking help. You have the ability to steer that relationship. As a new dad, its okay to be uncomfortable with your new situation. Just know that there are people who can help you ease that discomfort.

John and I’s conversation in this episode can help anyone that plans on starting a family or learning about financial freedom. Financial freedom starts with having the right mindset. I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel, there are many videos there that teach you how to adopt the right mindset for financial freedom.