Are You Leaving A Legacy Or Leaving A Legacy?

“What you leave behind is now what is engraved in the stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”


For a second time, I am joining Dr. Patty Ann Tublin on the Trust Doctor. Patty Ann and I were able to have a great conversation about prioritizing your life so that you are living your legacy today! We also had the chance to talk about many of the topics in my Amazon Best-Selling book Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor.

Patty Ann holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, two master’s degrees, and has authored two Amazon best-selling books. She is a thought leader and world-renowned expert in business relationship coaching. Patty takes pride in her three decades of marriage, she and her husband raised four wonderful children together.

You Have To Understand That You’re Living A Legacy, Not Waiting To Leave A Legacy.

If Your Impact Is Tied To What You Do, And Only What You Do As A Job, Then You Are Empty When You Try To Leave It.

The key is if your impact is tied to what you do and only what you do as a job, then you are empty when you try to leave it. There are times when the time has run its course. You know it’s time to leave it, but your only impact has been tied to that. Everything you do in charity, every event you go to and all your friends are through your business. This becomes a big challenge for entrepreneurs because they don’t know how to function outside of that world.


I hope that you can gain value from Patty and I’s discussion. I hope that you can use some of these concepts to benefit your life! If you are looking to learn more about living your legacy, I highly recommend you visit my YouTube channel. New content is constantly being shared to help guide you on living your legacy! I also encourage check out some of the other podcasts I have been featured on! Many of them also discuss legacy!