In today’s episode, I was able to join Ty Crandall of the Business Credit and Financing Show. His show is a fantastic radio/podcast show about all things business-related, ranging from marketing to investing. Ty and I had great conversations about business, entrepreneurship, and my story as a financial advisor. We also got to talk about my Amazon number one bestseller Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor

What Have You Learned During Your Career As A Financial Advisor?

How Does That Translate To Your Personal Life?

The industry has changed from being sales-oriented and transaction-based to being relationship-based and life-planning based. Putting the focus on life and relationships first has made a huge impact in the industry. I’ve learned that when we focus on someone’s life first we can truly help them financially and make a big difference in their lives. At my company, Freedom Street Partners, our tagline is Life Wealth Optimization. We put life first for a reason. Putting life before wealth will help you in business, but also help you live a rich life. Not rich as in having money, but rich as in fulfillment. Chasing money is empty. Those who chase money will never catch it, the amount you are after will always keep changing. If you focus on life first, you will overall be a happier person and you will be able to help others in an even greater capacity.

Financial Advisor

Ty and I’s conversation in this episode can help anyone interested in learning about business and the financial advisory industry. If you are looking for some help along the way, I encourage you to check our resources page. There you can find the exact “Four Quadrants” sheet that I use to help me in my life. I also encourage you to check out my YouTube channel, there are many videos there that will tell stories of my experience and lessons learned as a financial advisor.