Lifeology Podcast: James Miller

Life on your terms. What does that mean?

In today’s episode, I was able to spend some quality time with James Miller. His show Lifeology is a fantastic radio/podcast show. We got to talk about my Amazon number one bestseller Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor

Have you ever wondered how you can avoid burnout?

Have you ever asked yourself what lights you up?

All of those things I’ve either asked myself or gone through personally, and I learned from my life. In the podcast, Freedom Street: Life On Your Own Terms, James and I discussed those topics amongst many others. What exactly does it mean to live your life on your own terms? It’s a question we should all think about and maybe even have an answer to. James and I also talk more about the story behind how I became a Financial Advisor. And what living a rich life actually means. This episode gives you a glimpse of how you can achieve your goals and independence on your terms.

I hope that you can gain value from my story and hope that you can use some of the lessons I have learned to benefit your life! If you are looking for other resources to help you figure out what life on your own terms looks like for you, I encourage you to check out some more valuable resources HERE. Also, check out our YouTube page. New content is constantly being shared to help motivate you and encourage you!