What Does Freedom Mean To You?

In Today’s podcast, I joined Nick Bradley on his Scale Up Podcast. Nick is an entrepreneur and currently has the number one ranked business podcast in the U.K. on iTunes and Spotify.

Nick and I discuss the true meaning of what wealth really is from the perspective of rich relationships. This includes how you can define your own personal definition of wealth, impact, and legacy. Discipline creates the freedom to pursue success, and how to build a rich life that achieves true balance. We also had the opportunity to talk about my Amazon number one bestseller Freedom Street: How I Learned to Create a Rich Life, Live My Legacy, and Own the Future as a Financial Advisor.

“Being able to do what you want, when you want, is the recipe against success”

This may sound odd, but I believe being able to do whatever you want whenever you want can limit your freedom. It sounds great on paper, what would symbolize freedom more than being able to do whatever you want? In life discipline equals freedom, therefore the less structure and discipline you have in your life, the less freedom you will actually have. Discipline creates systems that allow for order. We cannot hope to achieve success if we live alongside chaos, discipline guides us to our best life.

Discipline Equals Freedom

Nick and I’s conversation in this episode can help anyone who is looking to level up, whether it’s in life or in business. If you are looking for some help along the way, I encourage you to check our resources page. There you can find the exact “Four Quadrants” sheet that I use to help me in my life. I also encourage you to check out my YouTube channel, there are many videos there that cover this exact topic.