The Professional Rule Breaker

What Does The Term “Better Together” Actually Mean?

In Today’s podcast episode, I was able to sit down and have a conversation with Kathy Walterhouse of The Professional Rule Breaker. Kathy is a small-town girl from the south who has created her own online presence in sales and entrepreneurship. Kathy and I were able to discuss many topics that I feel very strongly about, such as daily impact, a better together mentality, and much more!

What Is Your Definition of Success?

Are You Leaving a Legacy That The Next Generation Could Benefit From?

Both of these questions can be solved by adopting a “Better Together” mentality. They say that teamwork makes the dream work for a reason after all. High performers in life know that they don’t have to tackle everything all by themselves. They are self-aware enough to know that in order to reach the level of success that they desire, they will oftentimes need some help. But… They also know that they need to return the favor and be willing to help as many people as possible.

Better Together

This is where the habit of daily impact comes into play. Have you ever heard the phrase “you die twice in life”? The first death is when you physically pass. However, your second death is when people stop talking about you. Creating that habit of daily impact and truly living with a “Better Together” mentality can help you never reach your second death, and have a legacy that lives on forever.

I hope that you can gain value from Kathy and I’s discussion, and hope that you can use some of these concepts to benefit your life! Everything we discussed are things I wish I realized earlier in my life. If you are looking to learn more about being a high performer or entrepreneur I highly recommend you visit my YouTube channel. New content is constantly being shared to help motivate you and encourage you! I also encourage check out some of the other podcasts I have been featured on!