Do you meditate? Do you have a foolproof way to manage the stress of everyday life – whether business or personal related?

As we grow, it’s really important to dedicate some time each day to not only meditating, but reflecting on ourselves and on where we want to be in life. Read on for a quick guide on doing just that.

Breathe Kindness Back into Your Body

In times of crisis, especially after the COVID-19 lockdown, there’s been a huge need for conversations about burnout, and about the balance between work and home life. With all the imbalance and challenges that people are facing, it’s not difficult to realize that our times are tough.

The primary goal of meditation is to breathe kindness back into your body. Allow yourself to take a moment to be present.

So many of us are running from the second we wake up and are sprinting from the moment that we get out of bed – which is the surest way to get burnt out. Meditation in the morning is something that allows you to really start your day calmer.

Start and End the Work Week Right

When it comes to the workplace, setting aside some time every week is just as important. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, set aside about 20-30 minutes for everyone in the office to connect.

1. Monday Morning Huddle

Every Monday, do a “morning huddle” with members of your team. Let it serve as the office “water cooler talk” where everyone talks about what they did over the weekend or anything that they did that was fun.

This is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better. As the team grows, this becomes a really important weekly meeting that increases positivity and will motivate your team to start their week off right.

2. Friday Morning Meet Up

On Fridays, set aside time to refocus on work, and on how the week progressed.

  • What were the team’s biggest wins?
  • Were there any challenges that the team might be able to help with?
  • Were there any challenges that were overcome that can help the team learn and grow?

Those 20 to 30 minutes on Monday and Friday mornings really starts and ends the week with the right culture, and the right feeling of positivity in our minds. Everyone will get something out of it.

Take the Time to Take Care of Yourself

Dedicate some time in the day to breathe, meditate, and take a moment to relax – even if it’s just one minute. Take the time to take care of yourself[KJ1] . The rest of the day will still be there when you get back from those few minutes.

Once you build the habit of that five minutes, you’ll realize that it helps you to really be recentered throughout the day. Be focused on not only business and professional development, but personal development and health – because without our health, we don’t have any of the work.

 How do you take the time to refocus our mind each day? Do you meditate? Click here [KJ2] to join our chat, and let us know.