“In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying. So, get in motion and grow.”  –Lou Holtz

The main goal in life is to always be improving and moving forward. If you don’t, you’ll always be standing still. Are you’re growing – or dying? Read on to find out.

The Goal of Investing

I’ve always loved Lou Holtz’s famous quote, and I like to think think of it in terms of investing. When you’re investing, you’re setting yourself up for growth by investing for a potential return later on down the road.

The objective is to put something in an investment today so that you’ll have a positive result in the future.

The Three P’s of Growth

If you’re looking to figure out whether you’re really growing and prospering in different ways, you’ll need to go through the 3 P’s of growth:

  • Personal Growth
  • Professional Growth
  • Profitable Growth

Even in times of crisis, there are always things you can do to positively invest in ourselves and set our future in motion. Read on for some tips on how you can focus on personal, professional and profitable growth.

Are You Growing Personally?

1.    Invest in your relationships. We’ve been given a hard reset – and it’s given us a chance to really invest in our families and our relationships and the people that we love the most in a way that maybe we haven’t done in the past. Take this opportunity to really focus on the people that matter most in our lives.

2.    Focus more on your health. We can be make a huge impact on our future when we focus on making positive changes to our health. How are you positively investing in that? Are you exercising and doing things that can give you a better future health wise?

3.    Find more personal interests. Increase your personal activities and look for new interests that you never knew you had. Maybe you find that you love cooking, could be spiritually investing in yourself, or want to read more. Figure out what you could be doing right now in a time of crisis that will be stimulating and will help you want to grow.

Are You Growing Professionally?

If you find yourself in tough financial times, it becomes increasingly important to put in that extra effort to help our finances grow. We’ve seen tons of people looking for work, so it’s more important than ever.

If you’re working for a company:

  • Don’t just “go through the motions” of every-day job. You’ll never be growing at all if you’re just mechanically doing the work.
  • Change your mindset: When you do invest your time and effort into your work, you’re investing in your future – and investing in the people and company you work for.
  • Figure out how can you grow in your work environment. You’ll come out of this in a much better position professionally.

If you’re running a company:

  • Your job’s objective is to grow your business – and not to merely survive.
  • If you can grow, then all the people you’ve been helping along the way will continuously prosper.
  • When you put in the extra effort, your innovation and creativity will really create something special for everyone else – including all the employees you’re responsible for.

Are You Growing Profitability?

In our world, being busy doesn’t always mean that you’re profitable.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re looking to become more profitable in the future:

  • Are you reading more about financial health?
  • Are you making decisions today that might put yourself in a better position financially into the future?
  • We all know that a crisis can come with struggle.[KJ1]  Are you using that hard reset and those struggles to make better decisions for the future?
  • On a professional level, how can your work be more efficient? How can you be more profitable?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the three P’s into our lives, but what it really comes down to is investment. Invest in yourself, invest in the people around you, and really give everything you’ve got to make your business and finances work better for you.

If you make sure to do these things and focus on moving forward – you’re going to come out of any crisis in a really great, prospering situation.