Author Hour Podcast: Freedom Street

Author Hour Podcast

Owning Your Future Starts With Being Prepared For The Next Chapter In Life

In today’s episode, I joined Drew Appelbaum from the Author Hour Podcast to discuss my book Freedom Street. Drew Appelbaum is one of the hosts of Author Hour and has spent more than a decade hosting and producing radio shows ranging from Top 40 to interpretive jazz. He has interviewed artists and authors like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Kanye West. Drew has a deep affinity with authors and a curious mind about the journey of each and every book.

We Often Spend The Most Time On Things We Love The Least, And The Least Time On What We Really Love

I find that way too often people are not spending their time wisely. From what I have seen we often spend most of our time on things we love the least… And as a result, we spend the least time with what we really love. Owning your future really starts with what you are doing right now. Evaluate the things that you love and want to invest your time into, and start from there. Think about building a house, you start with the foundation and you build it up from there. Owning your future is no different, find what you love, and then build it up from there.

Own Your Future

If you are struggling to own your future or struggling to live a rich life, I encourage you to check our resources page HERE. My goal is to help everyone live their own version of a rich life. I encourage you to grab a copy of Freedom Street or utilize my website’s resources to help you get there. If you enjoy this kind of message, you should check out my YouTube channel, I have a lot of videos there that have a similar message